Monday, February 7, 2011

Ask the Audience: How Can You Tell if Animation Is Good?

*This post contains clips (and spoilers) from Toy Story 2, How to Train Your Dragon, and Up

Wow, I haven't made a new post in... 2 weeks, it looks like. I've been crunching a lot on my last few assignments and just couldn't pull myself away from them long enough to write a post. But, I've still been getting comments in all that time, so thanks to all you guys for continuing to read this sparsely-updated blog. And I promise that I'll be making more frequent updates soon :)

Today's post will be short, because it's mostly a set-up and asking of a question. So get your notebooks handy; you'll be quizzed at the end of this.

I want to start by sharing a few clips for you.

First, here's a sequence from Toy Story 2 in which Buzz, Ham, Rex, Potato Head, and Slinky are trying to make it to the top floor of an apartment building. But the toys don't realize that this Buzz is actually a new one from the toy store. So he still has all the mannerisms of something like a cop who takes himself far too seriously. And, I think that the stuff he does in this sequence is some of the best animation ever.

Continued here

The relevant stuff (for now) ends at 2:50.